Tuesday, March 4, 2014

True or No So Much and a Card

Which of the following is true?

  • We have a new car, sitting all sparkly in the driveway
  • We had a weekend with much crafty-time where layouts and cards ruled
  • We have clean clothes and a tidy house
  • We enjoyed a state championship win by the high school hockey team
Sadly, only the high school hockey team taking state champions is true.  Though that's not sad, it "rocks" if you're a student at the high school.  So my daughter, a self-described hockey-crazed fan, is over the moon.  We attended the final and it was a great game.  Plus it was two hours where thoughts of a car didn't cross my mind once!

So that means, nope, no car.  It's funny how quickly you get used to not having to drive people around, when those people can drive themselves.  And how much of a time-suck it is to have to be doing it again.  Oh, well, the car will make itself know when it makes itself known.  On the bright side we don't have soccer practices to drag people to.  :)

Crafty-time?  LOLOLOLOLOLOL.  Unless you call looking at my knitting bag crafting.  Or "liking" an Instagram photo of the knitting bag my sister made (which is totally cute, by the way.)  Or walking past my dark, lonely crafting table on the way to snag something else; seriously, I didn't even turn on a light.  If those count, then yes, I crafted.

The plus is that the majority of clothes are washed.  I'm sure they are no longer stacked on beds waiting for their "owners" to put them away - more like the stacks have been moved to the desk, floor or chair by said "owners."  Hey, at least they aren't just climbing in under the piles and going to sleep.

My house is more or less back in order.  The only dishes in the sink are from breakfast - rather than a day's worth.  Floors are swept or vacuumed.  Beds are made.  And the house, generally, no longer makes me want to pull my hair out or just flat out run away.

This simple little card finishes up the goodies I made with the Lily Bee line found in the January Bigger kit.  Like I mentioned HERE, I'm sure there's more paper and a bit more embellies, but I'll have to decide whether I'll get anymore out of this kit or if I'll just sort the embellies into my stash and donate the rest of the paper to the Kindergarten.

I signed up for this PageMaps class and have yet to crack open the first email - and, shamefully, we're in week three.  I know you can still sign-up for the self-paced version until the 19th.  I've got some higher priority stuff on my list to deal with today, but I'm thinking I can sit and look at the class later tonight and maybe, maybe make something later.  Hope springs eternal, eh?

Happy Tuesday,

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