Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Scrap Your Stash - Challenge Four


Ribbon.  Velvet.  Grosgrain.  Sheer.  Satin.  Thin.  Wide.  Glitter.  Plaid.  Stitched.  Dots.  Floral.  Dang, it's endless.  Unfortunately, so is my supply.  

Ribbon is so easy to use.  Layout a simple border.  Cut smaller pieces of several coordinating pieces, notch an end and lay along an edge for little pennants.  Weave it.  Loop it.  Use it to highlight a photo.  String photos on it.  As endless are the colors, are the uses for it.

Today, use at least three different ribbons on your layout, card or home decor project.

Go.  Create.


Deanna said...

I don't have alot of ribbon/trims left anymore. Gave a bunch of it away, but I had some that worked with this Soccer photo of youngest DGD Lucy.

Lori said...

After I wrote this post, I went to look at my stash, which was at one point fairly significant. It looks like I've had some reduction, though it wasn't me. I have a feeling my daughter has been "helping" me reduce. ;)