Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stash Busting

Whether you've got diecut cardstock (like Bazzill's Just the Edge), pre-printed diecuts, or maybe you have punches and/or a die machine of some kind (electric or manual), chances are you've got one or two borders in your stash.

Borders are great.  I'm particularly fond of the pre-printed versions -chipboard, stickers and vellum; back in the day there were even felt ones.  I'm pretty sure I have all versions.  And I'm also pretty sure that I use them one way. . .as a flat out border.  Yeah, I'm creative like that.

Given my genius off-the-page creativity, I decided to look for ways to use borders beyond what I do so well.  My usual stomping ground, Pinterest, and as usual I was met with a plethora of ideas.

Bazzill and Doodlebug used to make precut cardstock borders.  If you go way back in time when every city had its own local scrapbook store, you could find huge diecut machines to make borders as well.  Sometimes you had an idea and it worked, and sometimes it didn't (thus adding a border to your stash), and sometimes the amount in a single package was just too much for one layout.  So, I found this cute sample of several borders, only a couple use a pre-cut border, but the ideas will still work.  It's all about layering.  The simple version of layering several strips, is good, but adding a bit of embellishment just makes it pop - and uses more stash!  Where you see the back mat (i.e. the purple cardstock in the top example) you could totally use a pre-cut scallop or zig zag peeking out at the top.

I have a couple border punches and I'm no more creative with them, than I am with any other border.  But it seems there's much to say about layering.  Layering another punch whether it's these snowflakes or another border.  It's about giving them some weight.

This simple border speaks to me.  I have several Doodlebug precut borders, their's were great because they had differing widths, and so i could totally do something like this - which also uses up more patterned paper.  Bonus!

This layout using multiple borders caught my eye because of the possibilities.  There's the whole, using a lot of patterned paper idea going on.  However, mix some of those patterned paper blocks with some of my precut cardstock, or preprinted diecut borders and BOOM.  Done and done.  Shoot, if you have leftovers from the packaged versions you could use up a lot.  Pull out a border punch, or four, and go to town.

Now, beyond this Pink Paislee Hometown Summer line being one of my favorites, they came out with coordinating preprinted diecut borders.  The downside, too many in the package.  At least to my unique way of using one border, for a layout.  This layout uses multiple borders from that package; four to be exact.  Imagine if it were a two pager?!

Add to these mind-joggers, you can trim down borders to layer under titles, photos or journaling blocks.  You can shorten them and put them in corners, layered of course to provide weight.  You can find some ideas in the Stash Busting Diecut Papers post HERE; particularly in the two sketches.

Go.  Create.

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