Wednesday, April 6, 2016

We Are

We are having a little Spring - it's been lovely.  I heard yesterday, though, that it won't be for long - there's some big storm looming in the Pacific that could crush my flowers and break more branches.  Time will tell.


  • We are thinking it could go either way when one of  your roommates thinks April Fool's Day is almost better than Christmas
  • When Mom scores
  • We are at the Kite Festival, our first trip, though it's been on the calendar year-after-year
  • We enjoyed walking beneath the cover of kites.  
  • We liked checking out all the emergency equipment:  fire truck, ambulance and police car.  He says he liked the ambulance the best.
  • When you wonder what your 17 y.o. is doing in his room. . .don't.
  • They have been waiting a while for this day to come
  • We think sometimes the kitchen just gets tired of the same old thing - and same old college kids.  I feel.
  • They are Be-liebers
  • We think it sounds and looks like it was a good show.  Except that he wore an Edmonton Oilers hockey jersey.  Dude was in the Av's "home."
  • We are surprised when getting up to make lunches that your 7 y.o. beat you to it - and made his brothers' too.
  • We are getting bribes from the dog to get her a treat.
Happy Wednesday,

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