Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We Are

It's been an uneventful week.  Kids are studying.  Kids are testing - gah.  Things are just rolling along towards summer break.  Prom for the 17 y.o. is this weekend and there's no snow in the forecast.  There's some Boy Scout Show that the 7 y.o. is excited to attend.  Most of the last snow is gone, unless your front yard face due North, like ours does, where it is still a winter wonderland.   I've been in a holding pattern with the final sorting of my kits, or rather the embellishments, as I need some storage; heading out today to hopefully find some.

  • When your human picks you up and you hate it, you'll grip him with your need-to-be-trimmed nails.
  • When your Friday night starts looking up. . .(photo by Girlie)
  • Until you remember that you're lactose intolerant (photo by Girlie)
  • When you family threatens not to be seen in public with you anymore, unless you get rid of your 15 y.o. trainers for something newer. 
  • When final projects start being assigned (photo by 17 y.o.)
  • When you curse your parents for the spelling of your name; also know as everyday.
  • When you've got the day off because the Juniors (your brother included) need the whole school for ACT testing - don't get me started - and stop in to the local toy store in the hopes that they are hiring for the summer and you get distracted (photo by 15 y.o.)
Happy Wednesday,

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