Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

While I may have, finally, tackled all my kits, I haven't managed to clear enough space to work in.  And I can work in a small space.  But I've touched every kit I own.  Cleared out the papers that aren't for me anymore; the embellishment packs are awaiting their own going through.  I even sorted the kits into loose categories and they are actually put away.  

Even with all the paper I cleared out, they still don't fit in the drawers I have.  I either need to be more ruthless and sort again (highly unlikely since I put them away)  or clear a shelf to store them without the bin.  I could steal one from the kids' shelves, but that's a whole other sorting project.  LOL, or the obvious - create some pages!

I ended up with six categories:  Winter/Christmas, Fall/Thanksgiving/Halloween, Kids/School/Family, Travel/Camping, Summer/Beach, Everything Else.  The paper needed a definitive theme to be placed in a category, otherwise it went "general."

Anyway, I decided to visit someone else's work, since I have none of my own to show for the moment.  I went back to April, 2013 and Kristen Perez's work with the Bigger kit and the American Crafts Dear Lizzy Daydreamer line.  Kristen was great at using circles on her layouts - I love circles.  She also knew how to layer.

She's got two photos, but you could do more - there's room for a small grouping where the tags are; four 2 x 2" or two 3 x 2".  You could also substitute two where here 6 x 4" photo is.

I love that her title, or a portion of it anyway, sits along the slop of the circle, with the remainder on the circle.  If you need journaling you can add it to the jar, or one (or both) of the tags.

Making this a two-page spread is a little trickier, but doable.  You can try to mirror the basic layout, taking the Heart patterned paper block across both pages, but I wouldn't use a similar large half circle.  I'd end the block without it and drag the photo lines across.  You could move the Doily to the outside right side, under the Heart block.  Maybe create a small grouping using another jar (and moving one of the two pins to the other jar) and some buttons to create unity between the two sides.  

Did you see she's got a decorative clip on the upper right corner of the larger photo - per Tuesday's post.

We're expecting another big fat snow storm, complete with the wet snow I so decried a couple weeks ago.  Last night they were forecasting 3 - 6", today it's up to 6 - 12".  Sounds way too familiar.  Fun stuff, but at least my menfolk are home for this one.  Maybe I'll be able to finish sorting out my stuff.  In the least, maybe I can shove enough stuff around to clear a 12 x 12" space to work in.

Happy Thursday,

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