Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We Are

We've had a pretty uneventful spring.  No enormous snow events. . .knock on wood.  There are no graduations this year and all those "last time" moments and money.  No new starts to colleges.  We're not quite in the panic of finals.  There's no end of year, "crap, I need to get my grades up;" though there should be.  We will have a family wedding, a Confirmation and a First Communion, but compared to last year, that's down time.

  • When there's a new ring for a finger that's been blank for more than a decade.  I love both the ring and the look of it on his finger.
  • I am enjoying the hard work put in last fall.  So much so, that I've almost forgotten how much I hated planting the bulbs enough to want to plant the lower terrace in the front yard.  Almost forgotten.
  • April Showers bring Promposals
  • She said, "yes"
  • When Europe, and saving for it, is but photos on your phone, new spending can begin
  • When your a total fan-girl and get a text from the Av's that you've been given the gift of two free tickets to the last game of the year - the Fan Appreciation game - but you also bought tickets to the Rockies home opener series for the same day.  Fashion choices must be thought through
  • Free doesn't always mean on-the-glass seats (though we tend to prefer the higher up seats because you can see better), or a win. :(
  • Sports-apalooza Saturday - game two.  Whopping big loss. (photo courtesy the Girlie)
  • Warmer than the inside of the Pepsi Center (photo courtesy the Girlie)
  • Enjoying good seats with your girlfriend, but cool weather and a loss.  Boo. (photo courtesy the 17 y.o.)
  • When you lose a tooth AND learn a new word
Happy Wednesday,

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