Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Build Your Own and Save

If I didn't think kits were a way to better, easier, more efficient paper crafting, I wouldn't have started Apron Strings 13 years ago.  The fact that it's closing isn't a a sign that my opinion has changed, just the industry - which also, now, showcases kits and a variety of ways of getting stories from camera to book.

With TV Dinner and Past Kits all sold out, you can build your own kits.  It's easy enough to do, here are some tips.  For me it always starts with paper.  Browse the Paper aisle.  Pick packs of Second Helpings based on color schemes you like or themes that you are working on.  (Grab two, if you have trouble picking which side of the papers to use. wink)

Next head for Embellishments.  First there's the obvious - if you've got a stack of Christmas paper, then by all means pick up Christmas "flavored" embellishments.  But then I like to work with a formula when I add embellishments.  I need something to write on, which can also double as background layers and mats.  This could include sheets of cards, individual cards, diecut shapes, chipboard cards, tags and envelopes or bags. 

Then it's about layers and texture.  You can taylor your selections based on what you continually grab for when creating pages and cards.  Buttons, dots, jewels or brads - grab ones that cooridinate with the color pallets of your chosen paper, or go for neutral metals or colors like white, brown or black.  Got Christmas and Summer lines, look for apple greens or reds to use with both. 

Pick up neutral kraft or chalkboard items that go with a huge variety of lines.  Look for accent stickers that share colors.  That fall sticker sheet may be orange, red and yellow, but the pennats will also go with that summer paper you picked and the woodland creatures work with the paper you picked for your camping trip, plus that apple tag would be great on your school page. 

Bare wood and chipboard shapes go with just about anything you've got in your cart.  So do neutral fabric shapes and florals.

TIP:  try to pick all your paper first, then look at your cart and you'll be able to see shared color patterns and pallets, which makes it easier to pair up embellishments.

This week build your own kits and save an additional 25% on your entire order.  Use code:  buildit at checkout and save even more on already discounted items.

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