Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year

It's been a LONG TIME since I posted.  I didn't intend to take the break.  It just happened.

I'd like to get back into it, even as I shutdown Apron Strings Kits - yep, still working on that.  That four month break because of the website crashing, didn't help.

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A brief catch-up on what's been happening at home:
  • I have several menu planning posts waiting to be edited and posted, so if you're looking to be more intentional about meals in 2018, you'll see lots of recipes.  I've cooked them all and have my thoughts about them.
  • I took up Yoga.  Then dropped it.  Started walking - I know.  Am still walking two months later - I KNOW!  Still think about going back to Yoga.  Think about looking for free online Yoga (or App) to do at home.  Think about where I would do that, in private, at home.  Then I decide to go for a walk.  I've even been walking around my house when it's too flippin' cold to go outside.  What the what??
  • I am making a concerted effort at losing some weight.  I'm using My Fitness Pal to track my daily calories, which syncs up to my Fitbit.  I'm down over 10 pounds.  Some days I notice it and some days I don't.
  • Girlie completed her Associates degree, has applied to her nursing schools and got a new job as a CNA at St. Anthony's on the Neurology floor.  I think that's the floor.  The code I saw on her badge last night has me confused.  But, girlie, new job, in a hospital, doing her thing!
  • 19 y.o. son was accepted to NAU (Northern Arizona University) and will be starting in the Spring semester.  Actually, we haul his butt down there next week.
  • 17 y.o., finally, got his driver's license.  I try not to think about that, or look for him on the roads.
  • 9 y.o. continues to do his thing, which is be all into cars and playing video games with whichever brother will give him the time of day.  He was super psyched when my car wouldn't start and he came out with his dad to rescue me and trouble shoot the issue.
  • Our holidays were a bit different.  We changed up our celebrating because half my family was in Hawaii over Christmas.  We changed up what time Mass we attended.  We changed, a bit, our Christmas Morning rituals.  Even our New Year's Eve tradition was changed up - two kids were out with friends.  As the kids get older, I think this is our lot to deal with now. 
  • I have my list of intentions for 2018:  Continue to walk.  Think about some other form of moving.  Continue to work on eating smarter.  Read more.  Be intentional about being creative, whether it's scrapbooking (I am enrolled in SCT365 again), making cards, sewing, embroidery, home decor, etc.  The lis is nothing earth-shattering, but should be doable.  I even cleaned up my craft studio in the hopes it will give me a place to leave things out and work on a regular basis.  I have several projects (that I should probably write down) lined up.  It's clean enough, with enough floor space I could, potentially, do Yoga down there.
I'm sure there's bits and bobs more of things we've done in the last couple months, but those are the highlights. :)

Happy Wednesday,


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