Friday, January 26, 2018

Food for Thought

I need to get a care package out to the 19 y.o. that includes some foods he could buy himself, but I think it's more about getting something from home, than what's in it necessarily.  

We've got hubby's brother coming in to visit this weekend, a company party, a pinewood derby and a birthday party.  This weekend's menu will be quick, easy and gluten free; brother-in-law has celiac disease. 

Still reaching back in the archives of posts - this one looks like it was from around Thanksgiving, given the preponderance of cranberries and turkey left-over recipes.  The turkey recipes I'd cook up a turkey breast just to make them again.

This Better Than Sex Pumpkin Cake was good.  Better than sex good?  Well . . . let's just leave it that it was a really good pumpkin cake that will need some sort of activity to burn off the calories it carries with it.  Really moist and a nice light hand with the pumpkin seasonings, topped with sweetened condensed milk before you add creamy cheese frosting.  Totally worth it, but yeah, not for the diet-conscience.

One pan meal, Apple Cider Chicken Skillet was juicy and saucy.  Chicken and apples go so well together, then you add a little zing of mustard.  Yum.  A side salad, crusty bread and dinner is done.

I made two of these Turkey and BBQ Cranberry Sauce Pizzas and used up some of our left over turkey - I use this dough for pizza.  I made one with goat cheese - for the lactose sensitive in the house - and the other with shredded Gouda.  While the Gouda version was good, there was something even better about the goat cheese pizza.  That creaminess and a little tartness; the Gouda, even though smoked, kinda got lost.  It could be that our turkey had been smoked, so it had a lot of flavor on its own.  Next time I'd try Monterrey Jack for a traditional cheese, but the goat cheese version will always be a must!

Still more turkey leftovers, so we went for Cran-Turkey Chili, which was really good.  Warm, with a bit of spice from the salsa and some sweet from the cranberries.  Plus, it couldn't have been easier to whip up - a must in the chaos of the holidays.  

Yep, this Christmas Punch is from the Christmas Eve we hosted.  This was a GOOOD punch.  Bright, fresh and bubbly light.  Though I could have used a drink after hosting dinner, I didn't miss the alcohol in this drink.

This Chicken and Dumplings was from the same Christmas/Thanksgiving time frame, and we needed a break from leftovers.  I couldn't find one of my two stand-bys for Chicken and Dumplings, but this worked just fine.  Warm, creamy with those great pillowy dumplings.  Good stuff.

We've done the usual Green Bean Casserole at Thanksgiving, it's almost a tradition, but I was looking for something lighter and this Lemon Butter Green Beans with Cranberries, Walnuts & Feta looked to fit the bill.  And it did.  It was bright from the lemon, and we a liked the bite of feta and seasonal holiday punch from the cranberries.  It'd be great with chicken, too.

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