Thursday, January 18, 2018

On The Road

Whenever we do a road trip I take stuff to do in the car - reading (both books and magazines) and at least two crafts.  I know I will never read all I bring, but I like options.  The same is true of the crafts I bring.  I bring two or three, usually some kind of sewing or knitting.

I think I've mentioned on that my giant 2018 to-do list, I've listed out some projects I'd like to complete as part of my creating on a regular basis this year.  Part of that list includes household items.  I've decided that being creative includes the décor in my house and after almost 30 years of marriage, not to mention over 50 years on this planet, I've finally figured out what I like.  What my style is.  What makes my house feel like a refuge. 

Years ago I used to do up the Christmas tree with garlands and lights and tinsel and ornaments.  Then we had kids who grabbed the tinsel off the tree, and come May I was still finding the glittering threads all over the house.  I dropped the tinsel.  I went through many different garlands - traditional tinsel, shiny plastic beads and finally blown glass balls. (my favorite, but a pain in the butt because it was super fragile.)  All of which attracted my children like Santa to a cookie plate.  Out went the garlands.  Now it's just ornaments and lights.  The tree is pre-lit, so really it's just ornaments.  A lot of ornaments.  A. LOT.  Even with the amount of ornaments, it needs linear to break them up.  Something like a garland.

One of my projects is to make a garland.  I had originally thought to make a felt ball garland.  I toyed with buying the balls from Etsy and stringing it, but the expense was high; we have a nine foot tree.  Then looked at how to make them - pretty easy - but that would be a lot of wool and balls.  Then I saw a cute garland using yarn pom-poms for a mantel and thought I could do that for the tree.  I picked up these pom pom makers by Clover at Hobby Lobby.  There are tutorials galore on YouTube.

When we took our 19 y.o. down to school, I took this project with me.  Super easy, except that it looked like a cat exploded in my lap.  The fuzz-fest came from trimming the poms, not from wrapping and cutting them off the device.

I highly recommend fine-tipped scissors.  When hubby saw the discomfort using my regular scissors caused, he stopped at a Hobby Lobby (enroute) for me to get a pair of fine-tipped sharp scissors - these Tonic Spring Cut Fine Tip Scissors.  Heaven.  Miracle.  A must.

I made over twenty of the little puff balls.  I decided to use the two smallest sizes and mix it up a bit.  I plan to string it on jute.  I also know that I won't be stringing them close together.  So I'm trying to decide if I just do the poms, or intersperse them with wooden beads or maybe small jingle bells.  It'll take playing around once I have enough poms to string.

Stay tuned.


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