Wednesday, January 24, 2018

We Are

It was a mostly quiet week where my focus was on filing sales tax - and the prep before doing so (I don't want to think about personal taxes - bleh.)  I finished filing on Saturday night and woke up Sunday to snow.  Sunday was also hubby's birthday, so after making up cinnamon rolls for him, I had big plans to hunker down and craft.  Instead, he shoveled all day (not so much a birthday present) and I cleaned and did laundry.  I did manage to do a fair amount of nothing, but never managed to pull off the creative plans.  Which is probably fair, since hubby didn't exactly get a great birthday.

  • Hey, at least it wasn't a shift day and that's what you looked like after your shift.
  • Just in time for the Blue Supermoon Eclipse next week
  • And she got the little nut ball to look at the camera
  • I got some happy mail this week.  This cute little vintage jar from Etsy (Colorado doesn't seem to be a mecca for antique collecting, if "antique" stores here are anything to go by.)  And the sweet little towel, from TheVintageHomeStudio.  I said part of my being creative included things for my house, and these two pieces make me happy when I'm in the kitchen.  We'll see if they can continue to do so when it's 1000 degrees in the summer.
  • Birthday Cinnamon Rolls - too bad the morning shoveling had to come first.
  • Snow?  In Colorado?  In January?  You'd think it was winter or something.
  • Deadlines looming for applications
  • She got this bed for Christmas and has refused. . .R.E.F.U.S.E.D. . .to use it.  That is until we put a blanket on it.  She spent most of the snow day here.
Happy Wednesday,


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