Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gobble Your Way to Homemade Goodness

So we've gobbled down savings the last couple of days; why should today be any different.

Today we're looking at big, one-day savings on All Year Cheer Card Kits.  This time of year may be chaotic, but there are weekends. . .perfect for doing a little creating.  Load up on a several card kits to create a stash of go-to cards for use during 2012.  Have kids in school?  Create the cards, include an envelope, and tie up four-to-six in a pretty bow for teachers (who love handwriting notes home.)  Know someone who is more hand-written than electronic?  Do the same for them.

Today, Tuesday, ONLY. . .you'll save 40% on All Year Cheer Card kits.  You'll find them HERE.

All Year Cheer Card Kits come with complete color instructions for at least six cards.  The designers tell me they usually have plenty of left over to repeat designs or get creative all on your own.

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