Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clean Sweep

Well, I did it. . .and if you followed me on Twitter, you know. . .I dug down (literally at points) and cleaned my shared studio space; the basement is part my space and part my kids' space and there are too many times where there's a lack of division between the two.  There's a definite "ooze factor."

I tried to load pictures as I went, but there's some techie thing that needed to be done from my phone in order to do that  . . . and well, that's why I married a man who knows all that stuff - so I don't have to.  But he wasn't around, so the photos I took will post here on the blog later this week.  After I figure out how to get them off my phone.

In the meantime, I can tell you I made enough progress to actually want to be down there again.  I have my desk to clear off - and have a pretty good start at that.  I have some odds and ends on my scrap-table that need to be dealt with.  And then I have my cube-storage where a whole-lotta-crap got dumped and that needs going through. 

Question:  what do you do with your bits and pieces from kits that you didn't use on your layout and aren't really sure you're going to use in the future?  Things like brads and buttons I sort into containers, but things like pockets or tags or cards that I still like, but am not sure either a) how to store them so I'll see (and thus use) or b) if it's realistic that I'll actually use them?  See, this a good argument for creating a card when I'm done with a layout!  Practice what I preach.

Clearly, Maria Swiatkowski is creating up a storm.  She used the Smaller than a Breadbox May kit to create the cute Disney layout - using October Afternoon Sarsaparilla line - how cool is that?!

Happy Tuesday,


Patchi said...

Seems like you have been productive! Way to go!

I have a "scrap file" for storing paper scraps. I organize it by color. Here's the link with a picture:

The rest of the stuff just goes in my embellishment drawer, which I rummage through when I need to find something.

Barbara Eads said...

When I'm finished with a page kit, there is no way I want to bother putting all the little stuff back in my supplies. Instead, I sort all the little bits and pieces by color and put into mint tins. I keep these In a mesh organizer. When I go to a crop or on a scrapbook retreat, I grab this bag---I call it my "junque bag." Then when I need just a little something extra on a page, I go to my little tins.