Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week In The Life - A Saturday View

So day two of trying to jump start the motivation/creativity.  I do enjoy playing with these photos from Week in the Life though.  Makes me feel productive even if I'm not so much.
Here we have a view from a typical Saturday for us - days full of soccer and church and little else.  We have the pre-game wait. . .both boys have to report to the fields 45 minutes before their games, so I've learned to bring distractions for Matthew, otherwise it's more chasing him than watching the boys chase the ball.

Cars and trucks are usually the key to successful distraction.  Especially with games being well over an hour (30 minute halves for the U11 and 35 minutes halves for U13)
My 11 y.o. is up first, plays defense and has incredible speed.  He's short compared to most of the boys his age, and so I think when he comes up against the other teams offense, they don't think much of him.  Little do they realize his insane speed is what makes him a force. . .that and his "no fear" attitude when meeting up with these bigger boys.
They would win this game. . .though unfortunately, the score escapes me; and Jack was on fire, saved a couple goals when the keeper was out, drove off the offense when they were pressing.  Good game.

Game two.  Home fields.  No break between games.  We will be gone all day.  My 13 y.o. (in blue) plays midfielder.  I'm not sure where or when he himself developed some wheels, but a couple of times I've seen him come out of nowhere to attack.  I had to look twice and make sure that was my boy.  This game too would be a win.

We'll wrap up our day with church.  Outside of the special events I don't know that I've ever photographed our church for the sake of documenting it.  I also didn't have photos of the boys serving Mass.  My 15 y.o. used to serve as well, would have been nice to have a photo of the three of them.  It did make me think. . .about my faith.  About what it means.  About why I don't document it, outside those special events.  It was an interesting thing to have happen, when I was just going to take a simple picture.

Happy Wednesday.

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Very nice pictures!