Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is it Wednesday?

So I had to dash out of the house this morning before my 4 y.o. was up (yep, had his birthday over the weekend!)  Normally, no biggie.  His brothers and dad can get him up and moving and off to school. 

However, this is picture day.  So, while making sure everyone saw the envelope with the order form, tapping it several times for effect - as in it's here!  Don't forget it! - I had to list off no-no's for pictures. . .things the 4 y.o. would actually pick for himself.  No t-shirts.  No shirts with monsters.  No shirts with holes.  No shirts with Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Please, find a collared shirt.  What pants or shorts he wears, I don't care; I'm only gonna see him from the waist up in the picture.  I didn't worry about his hair either since it's such a close shave to his head, even if he had bed-head I doubt anyone would notice.  In a few weeks we'll see what a 4 y.o. looks like for pictures when left up to the devices of his father and two brothers.  If nothing else, makes for a good story as to why he looks that way.

Today's inspiration comes from Kristin Perez.  She's using the Smaller than a Breadbox kit (the Lily Bee Double Dutch line).  I really like this layout, though it's one of those I can't figure out what it is about it. . .the subject, the layout, the colors.  I don't know, but I liked it.  She also mixed up her embellishments from the Simple Stories line - the flowers are from that kit.  A reminder:  Don't be afraid to pull elements from another kit if it works for you.  There are no rules in scrapbooking! ;)

Happy Wednesday.

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