Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Rain?

Rain.  That's what they said.  'Course they said it was supposed to be 80 yesterday.  But with a day overcast until 3:00-ish, that mark can be hard to hit.

Rain.  That's what they say.  Naturally, it's been stinkin' dry ALL season.  Until the day my 4 y.o. is set to head out on a field trip to a farm.  A farm 45 minutes away.  Farms - where things are grown.  In dirt.  Dirt that becomes mud when water is added to it.  Show me a 4 y.o. (whose shoes are white - I looked for his old ones!) who can avoid a water puddle, let alone a mud puddle.  I'm just hoping that the weather-geniuses are once again off - just a little.  I'll take the rain.  I love it, in fact.  We need it.  Just not when my white-shoe-wearing, 4 y.o. boy is heading to a possible mud-palooza.  It can rain all it wants once those little feet hit the bus steps.

So yesterday on Facebook I posted a layout by Nancy Longo using the Authentique line from the September Bigger than a Breadbox kit.  Here, she's used it again and I love that she's used a line that has some "sea" graphics for something that (despite their clothing) has a more winter feel. Actually, I love this color combo for winter layouts!  See. . .double-sided papers and thinking in terms of colors and anything is possible.

Did I accomplish my list yesterday. . .only sort of.  Why is it while focusing in one area and feeling pretty good about crossing things off your list, you realize you totally spaced out something else?

Happy Tuesday,

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