Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week in the Life - Days 5, 6 and 7

Just our everyday life. . .in pictures.

Starting Halloween off with an orange sunrise.

A Shark Week victim (she's Monday) who met up with the rest of the week at school, and my Nerd, who discovered the comfort of flannel.  (Note to self:  get some of those photos from the girl)

The 6 y.o. who's photo I didn't get before he went out trick-or-treating.  I may have to have him dress up and we'll just take those shots today.

The best part of any party is usually the food. . .and it was a Pinterest-spread of goodies.

From sketch, to pumpkin, to reality.

The 14 y.o. never uses a sketch.  Usually he doesn't even draw on the pumpkin, he just starts cutting.  This year, he needed the visual of his cuts.

The 14 y.o. Enderman, party-bound.  They watched a scary movie and he has discovered that scary movies. . .not so much for him.

She almost always uses a photo to start.  She was getting very frustrated with her design and the cuts.  I think that frustration evaporated with the first group of kids who knew what her design was (we were listening to them come up the steps - one thought it was the rival high school's logo, but another quickly admonished, "No, that's the Av's!!")  Several more compliments and boom. . .frustration gone.  It also helped that her Instagram shot garnered the attention, and comment, of the NHL official site.

Eye candy for Halloween.

The 14 y.o.'s pumpkin.

The 6 y.o.'s (top) and the 17 y.o.'s  The 15 y.o. sketched his out, but wasn't able to get it carved before having to head out.  He did get compliments on it during the evening though

Bribery for the fence painters.

All hands on deck. . .well fence.

Get him a brush.

A little harvest related cooking on Sunday.  Apple cranberry applesauce from the apples sent to us.  Roasted pumpkin seeds from the carved pumpkins.  And bread, because Monday brings the need for school lunches.

Go.  Capture life.


wendipooh13 said...

fun halloween pics!! LOVE the mindcraft costume and pumpkin!! my son loves the game and my daughter enjoys it too

Lori S @ Apron Strings said...


My 6 y.o. is obsessed with Minecraft. The 14 y.o. has an on again, off again thing with Minecraft. Every once in a while they will all sit and play together. . .at the 6 y.o.'s request.