Friday, January 16, 2015

Hell Holes and Food

I'm to a, sort of, lull in my year end activities.  Maybe lull isn't the right word - a place I can squeeze in a break would be better.  I have some e-filing to do and then I've got the yuckier part of closing out the year:  inventory.  I've decided there is no way I can concentrate on counting when the store room and the area around it is an utter sty.  I'm hoping that today I can make some inroads, literally - paths into the disaster that lower level has become.  I've fortified myself with coffee and oatmeal pancakes.  I've got my iPod loaded with podcasts and the weather, though it doesn't look like it now, is supposed to be open-the-windows good.

Dear hubby celebrates his 50th birthday next week, but the party will be this weekend.  Luckily, we're not having it here at the house so I won't feel rushed to "clean."  Clean translates into "get the rest of the tree down."  Yep, it's still up - though half the ornaments are off.  

The menu this week was all Pinterst.  If you're looking for a menu or a recipe that's quick, easy and yummy then check out this past week's menu.

I'm a big fan of Snickerdoodle cookies.  I almost made this Apple Butter Snickerdoodle recipe for the cookie bake, but passed on it.  I made them last week and oh my.  Learning my lesson from my last Snickerdoodle adventure, I didn't over smoosh them and I watched the cook time - which for me up at altitude usually means less time than the recipe calls for.  They were light and soft.  They were good!

One of the outcomes from all the doctor's appointments, was a need to be more aware with some diet issues.  In an effort to up the nutrition and fiber in a weekend stack of pancakes I found these Healthy Oatmeal Pancakes.  I didn't have buttermilk, so I did the substitute thing (I may need to keep buttermilk on hand more than I'm used to.)  This recipe produces a light, fluffy, moist pancake.  I served them the day of with fresh strawberries and this cinnamon syrup.  I've had the leftovers reheated with bananas.  Both good options.

While some of us were eating Oatmeal Pancakes, one of us was enjoying these Bacon & Egg Stuff Avocados.  They were really easy and I'm told very good.  My only problem was we buy large eggs and there was no way I would scoop out enough avocado, and still have avocado left, to not have the eggs overflow.  I used the blogger's tip to use muffin tins to hold the avocados, but next time I'll put muffin liners underneath to make clean up easier.  

We love a good sandwich for dinner and French Dip is one of our favorites.  These Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches were good.  The recipe calls for a particular roast, which either because of vernacular or availability, I couldn't find.  Add that I cooked it high and for a shorter time (I prefer low and slow), shredding wasn't going to happen.  But they were still quite good, I just sliced it really thin.  I've got other French Dip recipes to try and others that I have liked better, so this one won't make the rotation again.

If it's not a casserole this time of year, it's something covered in a creamy sauce.  Just like this Chicken in Cream Parmesan and Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce.  The sauce was killer - I'm not a "mopper" for sauce, but I was totally dragging my dinner roll through the stuff.  I think I may have seen someone just pour the sauce directly on his roll.  I served it with a side salad, but only because I didn't have the amount of Orzo I thought I had.  You definitely need a way to use up all the dreamy sauce.

We were watching our niece on Tuesday afternoon and she was likely going to be around for dinner, so I planned a kid friendly meal.  I was intrigued by this Ham and Cheese Skillet recipe for its take on a roux, which didn't use milk, but sour cream instead.  It produced a rich and creamy sauce.  I upped the called for pasta, without altering the rest of the recipe, just to be sure there was enough.  I used 10 oz instead of 8 oz and we fed nine.

What was I saying about casseroles?  I didn't put this Slow Cooker Cheesy Tortellini in the slow cooker, I did it in a skillet on the stove.  Usually when a recipe calls for straight ground beef in an Italian recipe I sub in Italian sausage - I like the additional flavor it provides.  I didn't do that with this one and I missed it, so next time sausage it is.  I'll also drain one of the cans of tomatoes.  Since the sauce isn't a marinara, it was a bit watery for me - I'm sure the intent is that the tortellini will cook in and soak it up.  I added double the tortellini (and still too much water), but didn't otherwise adjust the recipe. 

I'm pretty sure I've made this Skillet Cassoulet before.  It's from Taste of Home, so I'm sure I made it from the magazine.  I doubled the recipe for us.  I toasted up some buttered sourdough and it was a complete meal.  It's zesty and warm, with that browned goodness of spicy sausage.  Hearty too!

Well, if I'm going to accomplish anything, I'd best dig in.  

Happy Friday,


wendipooh13 said...

ohhhh great recipes.. my mouth is watering for the pancakes!!!

Donna Nuce said...

Lori - you had my mouth watering when I read this and I had just finished dinner! Check out my blog at this post - I'm giving away blog candy in honor of my birthday!