Wednesday, January 14, 2015

We Are

After the upheaval of the recent months, and the chaos that is the holiday season, it seems we have reached a quiet spot in the road, so to speak.  We seem to be relatively boring, which I gotta tell you, I'll take it.

But it also means there's not as much to take photos of.  This is where something like ProjectLife® comes in handy.  None of these things are much of a story on their own, but they do show where we are right now.  

  • We are receiving bright, unexpected bouquets on cold, dreary days.
  • We are fog and frost-bound for two days, which never happens in Colorado.  At least the fog part.
  • We are all about routines on school mornings, which include "Hurry up!" and "Eat" on repeat.
  • We are watching the big ball rise.  Today it's an odd light-pink for being this high in the sky (lens didn't do a great job in capturing the color) which is a sure sign of big-time inversion.  Pretty.  Just don't think about why.
Happy  Wednesday,

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