Friday, March 10, 2017

Food For Thought

First, thank you for your sweet words after I announced the closing of Apron Strings.  Like I said, it is those things that I will miss.  

Also, if you are among those taking advantage of the good selection and discounts during the Clearance Sale, thank you.  There is still time to take advantage of the good selection and get an extra 10% off your order through the weekend.  Simply enter:  BLOGCLEARANCE when you check out.  Code is good thru 3.12.17.  Refunds cannot be given for missing codes.

I'm more or less back in the grove of planning, shopping and cooking, which I'm sure my family appreciates.  Except for Wednesday, when there were two of us home and I opted to rely on leftovers.  Some people were not so happy when they came home and found that out.

I was looking for something different for dessert and this Almond Apricot Biscotti seemed different enough.  I've made biscotti before, using a cake mix to start; this was from scratch.  It made two small loaves, which I forgot to round a bit, but it still worked just fine.  They were good.  Just the right crunch.  It's a good base to switch things up. . .cherries, walnuts, apples, pecans.  

I've made White Chicken Enchiladas before, but I believe this was the first time I received any response to them, other than a lackadaisical head nod.  They were creamy and warm.  I might add a little cilantro - because I love cilantro with Mexican food, and I totally spaced out adding avocado to them.  I used rotisserie chicken, which might have benefited from a bit of spice.

I can never find small spaghetti squash, and this week, I also couldn't find them in non-organic.  All my grocer had was large, and organic, which was $0.50 more per pound!  I almost ditched this Sausage and Pepper Stuffed Spaghetti Squash recipe because of that.  But, I stuck to it and glad I did.  I'm a fan of spaghetti squash though I couldn't convince my 18 y.o., who is no fan.  If I even say "squash" he turns his nose up and it's the devil to get him to try it. . .but the 8 y.o. chowed down.  Because I used two large, I got eight servings by cutting each into fourths.  It reheats well, so that's good, too.

I needed a side for the In-Law Dinner on Monday.  I was making the below casserole and forgot to pick up salad stuff.  I knew I had carrots and opted to make Garlic Butter Roasted Carrots.  It seemed an odd choice for a Mexican dish, but I thought I could tie it in by add a dash of taco seasoning to the recipe.  And, given the ooos and ahhs, it worked.  The carrots got caramelized, which is always yummy, and they had a dash of Mexican spice.  The only thing I'd do next time is make sure I have big fat carrots.  They shrink while roasting, so thinner carrots shrink to almost nothing.  

I had been craving Mexican, and thought multiple times over the weekend I needed to make a "run for the boarder," so instead I just planned it into the coming week.  This Bubble Up Enchilada Bake was great for Monday.  I wasn't sure if I'd need to double it since I was serving eight,, but the biscuits were plenty.  I just added a can of rinsed and drained black beans to the meat mixture.  I served it sprinkled with cilantro and we topped servings with sour cream and avocado.

Dont' forget to shop the Clearance Sale this weekend.

Happy Friday,

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