Thursday, March 16, 2017

New Close Out Deals

Ready for new deals?

Ready to save 15%?

Ready for something FREE?

Well, get ready then, because today is your day.  

First up, you'll save 15% on your entire order, of already discounted goods.  Enter Code:  CLOSING15 at check out.  Code is good for one use and must be present at the time of checkout; refunds cannot be given for missing codes.

PLUS you can get a FREE Second Helping of Paper, simply by purchasing three Second Helpings of Paper.  You pick the first three, I'll pick the Freebie.  This works in multiples too, so buy three, get one free.  Buy six, get two free, etc.  

Can I just say, Second Helpings are great for extending your TV Dinner, of the same line.  Seriously, sometimes I want to use both sides, but have to choose, because I don't have two full sheets.  Second Helpings are great for making cards and tags (check out PageMaps for their CardMaps.  Becky's designs are alwasy awesome.)  Second Helpings are great for dishing a bit of something new into something you already have, whether it's stretching out a kit, mixing it up with scraps, or something to prompt you to use embellishments from your stash.

Both the Code and the FREE paper offer are good through March 25th.

Go Shop!

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