Friday, April 21, 2017

Food For Thought

You'd think not posting for two weeks I'd have a lot of recipes, but that whole tax prep scenario interferes with the most basic of making meals too.  I do have a few recipes though.

I made these Sausage and Kale Lasagna Roll-ups on a Friday, during Lent, so I left out the sausage and substituted it with roasted sweet potatoes.  I just diced the sweet potatoes, tossed them in oil and sprinkled them with Italian seasoning and roasted them at 400 for about 30 minutes.  Since finding this really easy Alfredo sauce in another recipe, I use it whenever a recipe calls for a jarred sauce.  It was good.  Creamy.  Warm.  It was about as easy as assembling a traditional lasagna.

I wanted something different for dessert and this Buttermilk Pie sounded good.  Super simple to pull together.  It was custardy and smooth.  It would have been tasty with either sweet whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Alfredo was a theme apparently, but that's because I had a lot of cream in the 'fridge, so 5-Ingredient Creamy Southwest Chicken Alfredo made an appearance.  I made a couple extra chicken breasts, but kept the pasta the same.  It was good.  A bit of kick from the spices.

I initially pinned these Hobo Roasts for camping, but decided they sounded good for a cool evening instead.  I didn't have any meatloaf seasoning, so I searched and found this meatloaf seasoning - I added a teaspoon of celery salt.  It was just a hair salty, so next time I will cut the salt in half and reduce the celery salt to a half of teaspoon as well.  (A note, the reviews were pretty bad on the seasoning, but it looks like the amounts, and even the addition of ingredients, have been updated from what reviewers were talking about.  I thought it was a well balanced seasoning that had none of the "extras" found in store versions.)  As for the roasts, they were good.  They were dense, but not in a dried out way.  They had a Salisbury Steak thing going on.  Also, the ingredients call for Worcestershire sauce, but it doesn't appear in the directions.  I checked the blog post but there's only a picture of her sprinkling the sauce on the already formed patties.

I made Balsamic Chicken Skillet mostly because I had everything on hand.  What's not to like.  Chicken.  Melted Cheese.  Balsamic Vinegar.  All good.  A quick to pull together recipe.

This Sheet Pan Italian Sausage and Roasted Veggies was one of the more colorful meals I'd served.  You could use any link sausage you have on hand.  I had some chicken-mozzarella thing, that was great.  I loved all the veggies.  The only thing I didn't like was that with these sorts of "toss with pasta" recipes, all the mix-ins fall to the bottom of the dish.  I always need to remind myself to skip the "toss" step and just serve the pasta and veggie mix separate, so you can be sure to get the portions you want.

Bananas Foster Upside-down Cake looked good and sounded pretty straight forward.  Let's see. . .to start I picked up ripe, but not the usual over-ripe bananas you'd cook with, thinking you'd want them to hold up in the baking.  Apparently not.  They came out with a really weird texture, like what I think a plantain would be like - dense and way too chewy.  I had two family members ask what I did to the bananas, and if they were, in fact, plantains.  Go for the usual over-ripe bananas.  Next, the sauce.  I waited a bit longer than the called for 10 minutes to turn the cake out, but I'm not sure it would have mattered at the 10 minute mark.  The sauce had crystallized along parts of the pan, making candy, and thus making it hard to turn the cake out.  There was no sauce to speak of, really.  Nothing gooey left in the pan, nothing to drip over the sides and soak into the cake.  The cake was good though.  I don't know what the issue was.  Was it baking at altitude, though it wasn't over baked.  Was it the alcohol?  I don't know.  I won't try to do it again, but have at it and let me know. 

We've got no cable - and unless hubby can trouble-shoot it, won't until next Tuesday.  So I've got to find something to occupy myself.

Happy Friday.

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