Thursday, April 6, 2017

We Are

Apparently if you don't post photos for a couple weeks, you have quite the selection of things to choose from.  This is not always the case, but today it is.  Not posting last week makes us look quite productive.  Some of us anyway.  Some of seem to have a disturbing amount of time on our hands. 

It's also an odd collection of happenings around our place.  Some of them are best not contemplated for overly long.  

  • Shopped Pioneer Woman's online store, which, can I just say is as mind boggling as the store, minus the nutsy Spring Break crowds.  My wishlist will get me through several gift-giving occasions.  Anyway, received my order and the detail to packing is insane, and totally fun.
  • Our Girlie has always, ALWAYS, had more boys in her friend group than girls.  So much so it concerned her pre-school teachers.  We've always thought it was a smart move.
  • The 16 y.o. may not be motivated to drive - he's had his permit for over a year now - but he's rocking the cooking classes.  Now, if he'd just bring that home and cook a meal or two.  Oh, and get his license.
  • The face of one who has learned to play Solitaire and won after four tries.
  • When things start to get weird at dinner.
  • When possible, this is the best way to exit.
  • When you're trying not to look like you want to scarf down someone else's meal
  • Serving lunch to families staying at the Ronald McDonald House (the 16 y.o.)
  • Ahhh. . .Mmm-hmm.
  • When Girlie offers to make pasta. . .I leave until I need to whip up the marinara.
  • Was D.E.L.I.S.H.
  • I think all those in the health care industry think this.  Every. Day.
  • The stupid chickens who just couldn't be done BEFORE I decided to run to get dinner because they were taking too long.
  • The dinner I picked up while the stupid chickens came to temp during my short absence.  They were amazing when we finally had them the next night.
  • When a fourth "person" tries to get in on your game
  • We all need pen pals
  • He's always said he wants to be YouTuber when he grows up.  Apparently he's decided not to wait.  Just nobody tell him he has to upload those videos.
  • Damn Sorry! and its cards where moving backwards is your only option and you have to take that.
  • I'm just going with the "It's Spring Break" defense
  • No comment.
  • They stay together at the Ariana Grande concert.  Just a note - he's the fan and it was Girlie's Christmas present to him.
  • I'm always surprised when she goes outside and doesn't take off
  • When your wash is finally done, and all your friends are back in your sights
  • I want a job where you can be wrong almost all the time, in varying degrees (no pun intended) and still keep earning your paycheck.
Happy Thursday,

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Donna Nuce said...

Happy Easter Lori!