Thursday, April 20, 2017

New Mark Downs on Embellishments

Holy cow -- I've been MIA for two weeks.  Yikes.  I've been dealing with the hell that is preparing to file taxes.  Tax prep usually derails me for a couple of weeks every year.  The stress of it makes me sick every year as well - like. clock. work.  Every year I tell myself I'm going to start in January and finish in March.  And while I may start in early, every year I finish a week before the deadline.  But taxes are filed and done for the year.  And, I'm recovering from being sick.  

Taxes were first, which meant taking time away from dealing with closing Apron Strings and continuing the mark-downs of the remaining stock.  I no sooner sent off my tax stuff, than I sat down to update the site with fresh prices.  

I love embellishments, regardless of my difficulty in using them at times.  Those bits and baubles really help anchor photos, highlight journaling and bring a story together.  Those little things add so much, all while playing a supporting role.  With those thoughts in mind, there are new mark-downs are on all embellishments - save up to 30% or more.  

TODAY ONLY save an additional 10% on your entire order by using code:  SAVE10
Codes are good for one use only and must be present at check out.  Refunds cannot be given for missing codes.  Expires 4.21.17

Go.  Shop.

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