Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We Are

We are nearing the end of school.  Just a couple weeks left for my Senior. . .I try not to think about it.  My college Girlie also has a couple weeks left and then it's time to decide where to go next.  Her plan is nursing, and now that her pre-rec's are out of the way, it's time to decide where to seek her degree.  The other two boys have a good month of school left, and are they happy about it.

We've stayed occupied and busy, even with my limited posting this past couple weeks.  A handful of Easter, a dash of school, and a good dose of Week in the Life.

  • They brought the Lego STEM program to the 8 y.o.'s school, and once a week he's in Lego-building heaven.
  • I've been drilling in the kids' heads, if you want it, add it to the list.  The 8 y.o. gets it, but some interpreting is needed before heading to the store.  Luckily I'm fluent in kid-speak of all kinds.
  • When your friends get you.
  • The task list is long when you're dealing with home care clients.
  • Time to plan for the Easter Lunch gathering
  • This isn't the most disturbing photo I've gotten from the student parking lot at the high school.  The only good thing about it is I know those two cars.
  • When your mom and your sister gang up on you about your lack of photos (after repeated discussions on the topic and reminders when going out with friends), in particular since you entered High School and nobody but you is documenting your goings-on, this is what you send them.  #nothelpfulatall
  • Senior Prom 2017 - this weekend.  Snow in the forecast.
  • Spring.  New tent.  
  • Spring.  Ultimate sun spot.
  • Egg Dyeing 2017
  • When the Easter Bunny adds to your collection with the ultimate emoji
  • First there's the coordinating without even trying.  Thumbs up on that.  Then there's the realization that those stair-stepped little people are gone and we're all the same heights, relatively speaking.
  • Easter Blooms
  • Easter Mornings haven't changed much. . .the Bunny just has to be sneakier.  Who knew hiding baskets under their noses would work.  #bobrossforthewin
  • Easter Egg Hunting and group selfies
  • Unwinding on Easter after the house is set to rights, the second load is running in the dishwasher and all the guests are gone
  • Week in the Life - Day 1
  • Week in the Life - Day 2
  • Week in the Life - Day 3
  • Week in the Life - Day 4
  • The 18 y.o. and his friend organized a reunion for their class from their K-8 school, before they all graduate and head out.  They worked hard, had great plans and a good turn-out expected.  Then after weekend after weekend of awesome weather, Colorado showed it's usual Spring colors by bring the cold, rain and snow on the evening of the gathering.  It sounds like it went alright. . .not what they hoped for, but about half of their classmates braved the weather.
  • Week in the Life - Day 5
  • Week in the Life - Day 6
  • Always the builder
Happy Wednesday,

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