Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Website

First, I must apologize to those of you who have tried to shop on the website to find the latest deals and discounts, only to find it pretty broken.  To those of you who alerted me to the problem, thank you!

As of last night, we still have no idea what is going on.  The menus don't work, but if you have a direct link (like from the email) you can get to those pages.  The pages, though, have been "scrubbed"; the pricing is gone and the links to the images appear to be broken.  However, on the Admin side, those images are actually still there - though the counts and amounts are ALL gone.   It's all very strange and nobody seems able to either offer an explanation or help.

We are working on a work-around to bring the site up and make it usable.  Once we have it working, I will need to re-enter all the missing numbers and figure out how to re-connect the images to the items.  When we are finally ready to roll, I'll send out an email.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I thank you for your patience.

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