Wednesday, May 17, 2017

We Are

We are looking at rain/snow for graduation this Friday and I'm not too thrilled about that!  I'm fairly certain when Girlie graduated it rained as well.

We've got Baccalaureate tonight, awards tomorrow and then The Day of Friday, followed by food and people later in the evening.

  • At the end of three AP tests and regular finals 
  • The 16 y.o.'s latest creation in Foods has made him a fan
  • Not shown. . .the phone that's turned off so you can call for your ride.
  • Excited to be at the recording of an album
  • Was she drinking or biting at the water?
  • No matter how much you wish they stayed small, somehow this day comes along anyway
  • The 18 y.o. was working in Breckenridge when they saw this lady was resting on the grounds
  • I told him I'd put his Mother's Day Gift on my desk
  • Everything had to be just so, including Uranus being on its side
Happy Wednesday,

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