Thursday, May 11, 2017

We Are

We are on the verge - last two days of high school for my Senior.  Girlie finished up her finals Tuesday.  One AP test for the Sophomore, followed by one week of school and then finals.  And three weeks of school for the third grader.  Why does the end of the school year feel like they didn't cover enough and now they're jamming it all in during the last weeks of school?

  • I'm not sure she could write under any other circumstances
  • As long as the final three pages aren't due in six minutes, she's good
  • When Mustangs are your favorite car, and while at the dealership you discover you can actually sit in one. . .life is at its best.
  • May Crowning - carrier of the crown
  • Our boy
  • Confirmation Teen Leader and a mini St. Anne's reunion during 2017 Confirmation.
  • Spending the day with your Crew.
  • We'll just add it to the list of names that aren't yours, but you're called by.
  • When you want what you've been told you can't have
  • Finals...
Happy Thursday,

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