Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Don't Forget to Use Your Words

Scrapbooking is about saving memories.  While a pictures may be worth a thousand words, sometimes words are necessary.  I have often wished there were photos from my grandparents and their everyday lives; some of the minutiae of the things we take photos of.  I have seen photos from my grandparents' lives, but unless  my parents recall, or someone wrote on the backs, the who's and what's are gone with my grandparents.  Their thoughts and additional details would be amazing.

As I continue to close out, those pieces that help capture the details of our stories - tags, journaling cards and alphabets are 50% off.  Pick up one of the remaining, and newly discounted ,TV Dinners, or Second Helpings of Paper to go with your cards and tags. 

Go.  Shop.

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