Wednesday, March 21, 2018

We Are

I have one son home on break.  I have one son leaving for Spain, tomorrow, during his break.  I have another son who won't be on break for another week.  And I have a daughter, who after doing three 12 hour shifts, will be in definite need of a break.

I hauled out all my Spring decor, lumped it all on the counter and have been trying to figure out where it should all go.  I have a few odds and ends left to deal with, and some tweaking to do, but most of it is out.  Post to follow.

  • In Colorado, it doesn't matter whether the calendar says Spring is here, or near, Winter holds on as long as it can.  We got a good frosting (about four inches) of wet snow that was gone by the following afternoon.
  • Her Sexy pose, aka "What are you eating over there?"
  • On my walk, I caught up with hubby coming back around the lake, and Girlie passed in front of me on a training run - she's running a half marathon in a few weeks.  And she wasn't dead on the lawn.  She looked pretty good to me.
  • They said rain was coming in and dang if they didn't get that right this time.  We got thunder and lightening too!  Loved every thundering second of it.
  • Girlie finished her banner - looks amazing.  She ended up backing it with a navy floral print (you can see the floral HERE), and it looks even better, if that's possible.
  • When you wonder if you have too much stuff, or too many ideas.
  • Then you realize, you might actually need just a bit more.
Happy Wednesday,


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