Wednesday, March 28, 2018

We Are

I have shipped off my two older boys.  One back to school in Arizona, and the other to Spain.  With Girlie home, but working 12 hour shifts, it's mighty quiet just me, the hubby and the 9 y.o.

  • We woke to a very wet snow a yesterday.  The affect isn't unlike the scene from Willy Wonka where they were hosed down with white fluff.  Only this prettier.
  • Just the day before, on Monday, I saw at least a half dozen ant colonies working busily.  Not sure how they fared after the snow though.
  • Untamed blooms, while pretty hardy, I don't know survived the heavy snow any better than the ants.
  • Spring is popping up in the house
  • Girlie is doing a bit of changing things up in her room
  • When you have a bit of "some assembly required" redecorating in your room to do and, sweet, your brother is home on Spring Break.
  • Friday Night Lights of a different kind
  • Well, we know he made it to his gate . . .
  • . . . And we know he made it to Toronto
  • A group photo before sending him off.  Girlie was working and couldn't make the send-off
  • So I added her in.
  • She said it was good, but Her Boy (a photoshop genius) could do better
  • Spring is popping up outside the house, too.  These are gonna need covering tonight - snow's moving in - Monday's snow squashed those blooms.
  • Taking a different route for my daily walk.
Happy Wednesday,


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