Saturday, September 19, 2009

5 on Friday? How 'bout 6 on Saturday?

First -- thank you to everyone who wished me and my son a Happy Birthday. As a one year old, your birthday is like any other day -- eat, whine, play, cry, sleep, repeat. As for my own birthday, well, I'm a mom so my day was pretty much business as usual, as well. Pry kids out of bed, breakfast, lunches, shove them out the door, cleaning, shuttle kids back from school, pleas to "just get your homework done," dinner, soccer practices and cooking lessons, followed by showers, baths and bed. BUT in between the usual, I did manage to get coffee with my husband. I had one sister drop by to pick up some kits (she's apparently on a scrapbooking kick -- lucky girl) and my mom came by with some super yummy cheesecake samples from a local cheesecake bakery. My husband picked-up a yummy lemon coconut cake from another local bakery - delish! Then my daughter came home with cheesecake bites from her cooking class. So it was a Sa-Weet, birthday. Then another small moment before everyone went to bed I opened a card and gift from my kids and husband. So along with the mundane, there were perks to the day -- and isn't that what makes any day special? Somehow yesterday went by without a single thought about 5 on Friday. I have no idea how that happened -- I was actually home all day, had little in the way of chores and there were no after school activities -- maybe that's the reason. It was too quiet. I'd hate to not have you scrapbooking and using "well, there was no 5 on Friday" as your excuse, so let's do 6 on Saturday. :D
  • 1 sheet of cardstock - color 1
  • 1 sheet of cardstock - color 2
  • 1 sheet patterned paper
  • 1 tag
  • 1 frame
  • 1 set of brads

Just like on Fridays, outside of the above listed items you're only allowed journaling and a title. We'll call this due on Sunday night -- linked in the comment section will earn you a shot at a Cookie Jar Treat.

Thank you again for the lovely birthday wishes. Since it's soccer mom Saturday, I'm off to round up boys and their gear and head off to the fields for the afternoon. It's looking to be a gorgeous day here in Colorado, deep blue sky, tiny hints of color in trees, just a touch of crispness in the air and a nice breeze to cool me off as I stand in the sun on the sidelines!

Have a fantastic weekend!



LindaR said...

Here's one for me. I wondered what happened to Friday? LOL


Bessie said...

Ok, here's mine:

Thanks for another challenge.