Friday, October 8, 2010

Croptoberfest - 5 on Friday

Friday!  Kids have the day off, the weather is fantastic, trees are golden, some of the bushes are filled with various reds, from cherry to cranberry - LOVE IT, the breeze continues so more leaves tumble out of the trees.  Yesterday I was out early taking a son to Math Counts. Early, like I commented on the sunrise to him early.  AHHHH.  If you can't tell this is my most F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E time of year.

We had had a huge storm blow through around 1:00 AM Thursday morning (woke Matthew, that was fun.  Thomas however, said "what storm?") and so the resulting sunrise yesterday was vibrant orange.  The light was orange-juice golden.  There was a mist hugging the ground and swirling around the trees and clinging to the open spaces of the soccer fields.  The storm brought some huge gusts of wind so there were more leaves skittering along on the ground.  It was amazing.  I thought about taking a photo, but I knew my point-and-shoot wouldn't capture what my eye was seeing.  So I just sucked it in and shared it with  my son sitting next to me.  By the time I was back at home to pick up the remaining kids to head back to school the light and mists were gone.  For now, the memory takes me away from the chaos that is no-school-day.

5 on Friday.  Croptoberfest.  Seems only natural to combine that somehow.  For your layout today use the following:
  • 1 sheet cardstock in black or purple (if you're doing a 2-page layout you may add another sheet of cardstock - same color)
  • 1 sheet double-sided patterned paper
  • 1 set blingy embellishments
  • 1 length ribbon
  • 1 set round embellishments
Outside of journaling and a title, no other ingredients may be used on this layout.  This along with the other two layouts from this week are due by Sunday evening for a chance to win a My Mind's Eye Paper pack - I'll try to grab a photo of it and update this post.

The weekend here looks to be cool and fall like.  Filled with two soccer games, at the same start time - actually here at our home field, which is a 5 minute drive instead of the hour-long (or more) drives we've had the past four weeks.  Volleyball will take up a portion of our Sunday afternoon.  Otherwise, it's relaxing.  Hope yours will be too!

Happy Freaky-Friday.

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