Friday, October 15, 2010

Croptoberfest - 5 on Friday

Another weekend already?  Not that I'm complaining, but that was a fast week.

My sister is in town, with her family for the weekend, so outside of the regular chaos, we'll enjoy some time with them; starting with dinner tonight.  I'm sure the time will go much too fast.  I'm trying to decide the best time to squeeze in a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  We have two games tomorrow, but we're done at a decent time so I thought maybe tomorrow, but some conflicts may have come up with that.  So okay, we'll shoot for Sunday - but we have volleyball games smack in the middle of the day and DH won't be able to join us.  So now I'm thinking maybe right after school.  We have dinner tonight and my daughter has volleyball practice, but the trip is gonna be squeezed in somewhere - it's just a matter of where.  It's sad really what you'll do for photos so that you can use those papers.

I'm watching the toddler finish off my coffee, the mug is almost as big as his face.  It dribbles down his chin and onto his pajama front.  Unlike his brothers, he will wipe his mouth with something other than his hand, or the shoulder of his shirt, too bad it's the packing paper that was laying on the floor from opening a shipment.  I love that he doesn't care it's falling out of his mouth and down his front, but is careful to wipe his mouth after every drink.

If only we could create without a care - but we worry too much about the placement of this, the look of that, the achievement of what we think is perfection.  On Wendy Smedley's blog she posted this a couple days ago "A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect."  As a perfectionist myself, this is something I should print up and put in as many rooms as I can get away with!  5 on Friday is a good way to just create. . .so today:
  • 1 sheet of Orange or Green cardstock (it is October after all)
  • 1 sheet of pattern paper with stripes or plaid on one side
  • 1 set of felt or fabric embellishments
  • 1 set of chipboard - use it naked
  • 1 set of something round
I have a lovely set of Halloween stamps by Making Memories for this week's Treat.  Have you layouts uploaded by Sunday evening for your shot at them.

Have a fall-tastic weekend!

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