Friday, October 29, 2010

Croptoberfest Day 12 - 5 on Friday

I started my morning dashing to school to give forgotten homework to two children, both of whom were grateful.  Luckily, I caught them still in the school assembly where the classes were called up one at a time to show off their costumes.  So cute and so imaginative.  It was fun to see the changes in costumes between Kindergartners and the 8th graders.  Kindergarten, besides being so little, were all cute and cuddly and sparkly - princesses, superheros, puppies, a ninja or two.  By 8th grade you get some interesting self-inspired imagination - an iPhone, a gaggle of 80's-inspired Workout Queens (very Olivia Newton-John "Let's Get Physical, only in dayglo), a rescued Chilean miner and the four boys who came as girls - skirts, make-up, wigs.  Should make for an interesting Jr. High dance later today.  My camera?  Ah.  Yeah.  In the car.

I figured since I was out I'd hit Target in the hopes of finding something cuddly, cute and ultimately warm for our Colorado Halloween, for the toddler.  I found a couple, but they were too small and while I may be the last minute searcher I'm not going to drive around town looking for something. Hey, three of the four had their costumes today, so give me a break.  Plus he's two, he doesn't care what he's wearing now.  Once he figures out about the candy, that's all it'll be about.  I did, however, pick up an accessory kit and something to accessorise the accessories - we'll see if we can pull it off with face paint before he pulls it all off.
There was also a disturbing sight back in the Halloween department - Christmas decorations!  Really?  We can't even wait until the Halloween aisle is cleared?

I will not think about that now - I will issue a challenge for today instead.  Much more fun.  Today's ingredients are:
  • 2 sheets of patterned paper
  • 1 sheet of stickers
  • 1 set of alphabets
  • 1 set of buttons
Remember, besides journaling and a title, no other ingredients are allowed.  This, along with the other challenges this week are due on Sunday.

Hope your Trick-or-Treating is successful, enjoyable and filled with inspiring new photos!

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