Friday, October 1, 2010

Five on Friday

We'll I've spent two days in the pit ("30 Days in the Hole" keeps playing in my head for some reason when I'm down here) and I have to say it's less pit-like and more like something humans, rather than sub-creatures (or kids with selective vision), would spend time in.  As long as I stay looking forward to the "living" half of the room, that is. 

Now it's time to tackle my "studio."  I'm gonna keep calling it that, it just sounds more like some place that I WANT to come down to.  De-cluttering is on the menu today after this blog post.  I have paper everywhere, trimmers are stacked and leaning, completed pages are wherever there is open space.  That's just on the surface, if I mine deeper in the piles there are magazines, pens, ribbon, loose buttons, stacks of photos (don't know if they are scrapbooked and duplicates or waiting-to-be-scrapped) and various bits and pieces of other stuff.  I even see a Tamagachi poking out - evidence that I share my space with sub-creatures.  Taking photos over the last two days helped me make progress, perhaps that same approach will help with this next endeavor.  Things look sooooo much worse through the lens.  Hmmm. . .I wonder if ALL things look worse through the lens or if it's just non-human subjects. . .

So I clearly have my "5 on Friday" now, it's time for yours.  Today create a layout using the following:
  • 1 sheet of cardstock
  • 1 sheet of patterned paper
  • 1 set of "themed" buttons or brads - if you have them, if not regular round is okay.
  • 1 set of stickers
  • 1 length of ribbon
As a reminder, since it's been a while, other than title and journaling, only the above listed ingredients can be used on your layout.  You can assemble your own embellishments created from the listed items, but can't incorporate more.  This along with the rest of this week's challenges are due Sunday evening.

We have a soccer tourney this weekend for my youngest player, the other son, thankfully, has a by week and my daughter starts her volleyball season with a double-header on Sunday.  Sounds busy, but with one kid out of the mix it's surprisingly calm, LOL.

Hope you enjoy this first weekend of October!

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