Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Croptoberfest Day 11 - Sketches on Wednesday, with a twist

Happy "Winds"day!  I think all of us across the country have felt the lovely weather system that has plowed across the U.S. in the past day or so.  For us that meant huge-chain-law-in-effect-pass-closing snows for the mountains.  On the plus side, two of the ski areas are open - too bad none of us ski.  Down here on the plains that meant insane winds, a sporadic shower or two and cold temps.  Frankly, I'm surprised there are any leaves on the trees - or trees standing.  A little "Cliff Clavin" tidbit - the barometric pressure here, with this storm, was the lowest ever recorded for a non-hurricane "event."  Hopefully, wherever you are, you've survived whatever that weather system brought your way.

Couple quick replies to some commenter's - Deanna those paper rolls are totally worth your glued-together fingers.  And Jessica, hopefully you got enough creativity flowing that you tackled the "scared to try" technique.  I have found that doing something new is actually rather inspiring - it just takes a lot of push to get it started.

So today is sketch day, with a sketch from Nuts About Sketches.  I always love Shawn's sketches and think I'm gonna go dig out a past one, but her most current are too cute to get past!  And this one is no different.  Adorable, no-cropping photos required and super simple to mirror image for a 2-pager.

Now the twist, since you have the layout here - no thinking required layout, grab your oldest-most-passed-over seasonal photos and scrapbook them. 
Finally - Last week's winner of something Halloween-y: Kristin P.! I think I might be able to tuck something into an upcoming shipment for you. Congrats.
Happy "Winds"day, ya'll!


Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Woohoo! I tried making a paper flower for my technique - um yah not so pretty! I will try another! But a sketch I can do! Thanks Lori!

Deanna said...

Added my link, "Trick or Treat" using some photos from last year. Really trying to get those finished up! Thanks for the perfect challenge, Lori!