Monday, October 11, 2010

Croptoberfest - Monday Inspiration

Happy Monday, ya'll!  Hope your weekend was fantastic; filled with great fall colors, maybe a smidge of cooler air and some crunching, whether it was fall leaves, caramel corn or potato chips during the game.

We enjoyed our games - won one soccer game, lost one soccer game, lost two volleyball matches.  We headed down to Olde Town to check out the Scarecrow Festival.  It had been several years and one kid (or is it two kids) since the last time we went; it's been a while.  It was great weather and outside of the fun scarecrows decorated by the merchants, it was nice to just be outside with the family when it didn't involve a sporting event.  We watched the "Biggest Pumpkin" contest - those suckers were stinkin' huge.  The winner topped out at over 300 pounds.  There was a pumpkin that weighed in at 644 pounds, but it wasn't entered in the contest.  I couldn't get close enough to them, with a kid for scale, to snap a photo.  Bummer.

My inspiration for today's challenge came while browsing a two year old Scrapbooks Etc. magazine.  I love that magazine, even at two years old, the ideas in it were still relevant - I just couldn't look at the ads.  I was falling in love with some paper lines all over again.  Many I know I have, so I think a little excavation is needed in my stash.

Today, you'll do a little excavating yourselves.  We all have layouts that are just eh - they work and they're completed, but they're not a fave.  Which by the way, is totally fine, you're not gonna love EVERY layout; if we tried to achieve that, we'd never get passed layout #1.  So today, select one of those hard-to-be-thrilled by layouts and find something that is good to inspire your next layout.  DO NOT REDO THE LAYOUT.  Simply select something you do like and use it to inspire.  Like you liked the colors.  The photo layout.  The embellishment usage.  Whatever - there is something good on there.

All challenges from this week are due Sunday evening.  Each layout gets you an entry into this week's drawing (I think for another Halloween-y pack of paper - need to check for sure) as well as entry into the Croptoberfest Grand Prize.

Our first winner for Croptoberfest, and the soon-to-be-happy recipent of a My Mind's Eye Halloween pack of paper is:  Linda R.  Linda, I think I can get that set in with your October kit. :)

Off to do a little kit-shipping.  Have a Fall-tastic week!

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