Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 Goal Review aka How'm I doin' so far?

In order to keep myself on track and accountable, I figured I'd see how I did in my first month for my 2011 goals - LOL, we'll see how long this lasts.

  • Eating - or better eating anyway and menu planning.  Started out strong, then the stinkin' Brachs Cherry Hearts came out for Valentine's Day (those close to me know my issues with this candy) and there was a day or two of "slide."  But the not feelin' too hot sugar rush put an end to that binge.  Now it's just a matter of control, because there are still two bags of those little devils and sugar rush or not, I still love them.  The menu planning, is not necessarily written out but I  have cooked every night.  So that's something.  It's just a matter of sitting with my cookbooks and planner on Sundays.
  • Walking. . .hmmm.  Yea.  Not so much on the walking.  I'd like to blame the cold, but really the cold only settled in on Monday.  That would be just lazy on my part.  Once the cold snap breaks I'll have to try a little harder at this one.  Okay, try at all.
  • Organizing.  I am back on my regular cleaning schedule thanks to Motivated Moms - love that system.  Actual organizing is going okay.  I rearranged my family room and moved toddler toys into our unused dining room, funny how they take up no space there, but seemed to fill every nook and cranny in the family room.  I've tackled the kids' space in the basement and dealt with the top layer of clutter in my scrap space. 
  • Me Time.  Took myself off to a crop - super-duper.  Read a chapter in one book - great.  Actually did a little sewing - awesome.  Have gone through two magazines, which unfortunately is barely the tip of the iceberg.  Overall, not bad.
  • Studio Space.  Covered a little bit about it above and have plans to tackle some more this week.  Have an idea growing in my head as to how it should look.
All in all not a bad month.  Good start.  Feels good, too.  Stay tuned for February, LOL.


JLP said...

Sounds like you are totally on task! Way to go! It is always nice to meet another candy addict. Good luck with the last two bags of cherry hearts. Stay strong!

Briel said...

Go Lori Go! I love your honesty and sharing your progress. Hopefully it also helps you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip about Motivated Moms, what a great idea!