Friday, February 18, 2011

Five on Friday

I started to get those pre-sick feelings yesterday, at least I think that's what they were.  Sort of light body aches, couldn't get warm and intense feelings of exhaustion - the just let me lay down kind.  As moms know we don't get sick days, so I'm just pushing on and I refuse to acknowledge any remaining not-well-feelings.

Plus, I don't have the time to be down.  My kids are out of school today and Monday.  Hubby and I have a date at the home show.  My sister is coming in for an extended weekend.  My boys have their games - one semi-final and one final.  We have a family birthday party with said in-coming sister.  My daughter has some blow-out of a birthday party to get primped for.  Hubby's heading out hunting on Sunday.  Plus all the regular stuff that goes on in families on weekends.  See no time.  I'm pretty sure if I just ignore the warning signs they'll go away.  Right?  They wouldn't dare mess with me!

Let's see . . . 5 on Friday. . .5 on Friday.  Ah, here ya go:
  • 1 sheet of cardstock - neutral colored
  • 1 sheet of double-sided patterned paper
  • 1 set of fabric/felt embellies
  • 1 something bling-y
  • 1 set of naked chipboard - it needs to stay naked.
Remember outside of journaling and title, the above list is all you're allowed.  Upload it by Sunday evening.

Alrighty, time to go see why the toddler's screaming, who's bickering, how long someone's been on Facebook and go, no run, to my happy place.  Have a fantabulous weekend.

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Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

this sounded really interesting but my last days have been very unproductive due to technical issues. I'll try something later in week.