Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sketches on Wednesday and a Little More

Ah, yeah, so we have snow now.  Only a couple inches, if that,  unlike our friends to the northeast who are about to get hammered, it is snow.  And it is cold!  We had a high yesterday of -2.  It's not lookin' a whole lot better today.  AND, AND, my kids have had two snow days.  Really?  I mean I know it's cold and that the roads are frozen under the layer of snow, but really?  They're thrilled though or they were until I reminded them they had to get up early for dental cleanings.  hehehehe

I looked back at the goals I set for myself just a month ago.  We all know I accomplished my "one page a month" - with 11 in all for January.  I'm looking into two classes to help me continue that solid trend for the month of February:  Big Picture Classes has May Flaum's Creative Retreat - I did really well in her last class; the prospect of winning prizes certainly helps.  The other is Lain Ehmann's LOAD (Layout a Day) class.  I have never taken one (she does two or three a year)  but have heard great things about it.  That's where I'll be attempting to get pages done this month.

And to be sure I do my best to help you accomplish your pages-per-month goal, you'll find a Becky Fleck sketch below.  This was one for Apron Strings, but you can always find more at PageMaps.  Do it, load it and link it by Sunday night.

Where in the world is Apron Strings?  You can find Apron Strings at the following:
  • Scraps of Color eZine - click on the cover photo of the magazine to access - you'll see Apron Strings kits featured under "Sketch Inspired, Kits Desired."  But check out the entire 78 page publication for great ideas.
  • Cookin' Up Creations - I couldn't find the post with the information, I think it's for the blog, but their site offers a large amount of options for inspiration.  Apron Strings is the February sponsor.  So when I find the post, I'll update the link.
  • The Paper Variety blog - Apron Strings starts a week-long sponsorship.
So with all those options for inspiration, I shall leave you to deal with cabin-fever kids.

Happy Wednesday,

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Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Apron Strings is fab - good to see us in so many places getting the recognition Apron Strings deserves! Way to go Lori!