Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Share the Shame. . .of Stamps

Two drawers in my cubbies held stamps.  47 stamp sets, plus four roller stamps; almost all Stampin' Up!  Ashamedly, nine of them had never been mounted or cut and at least five while mounted, had never been used.

Now, I have one empty drawer - soon to be filled with a child's memorabilia (I need three more drawers) - and nine stamp sets that I'll be keeping, in the other drawer with hopefully whatever stampin' paraphernalia I plan to keep, as well.  Five other stamps I'm keeping are  for sentimental purposes; I used them to create my two oldest kids' baby announcements.

I also have a binder of The Stamps of Life acrylic stamps - I have used those.  Those, and the ones I'm keeping are on the list of 2011 goals for using stamps/creating cards.

I listed 23 sets on eBay where they can go live productive, happy lives, will give away the remainder and have one set aside for someone here, on the blog.  Earn it by sharing your purging during Share the Shame.  You don't have to be dealing with your stamps but you do need to show what you worked on to get it.  Upload "before" photos if you have them, but "after" photos for sure by Sunday evening. 

I'm off to tackle yet another drawer - the stamping accessories drawer.


Briel said...

Thank you for sharing and go Lori go!!! I do love Stamps of Life. They are so useful, and I'm using mine all of the time.

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Wish I had save the before pictures...I also added my copic shame as well.

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

What ever happened regarding the post....I was the only one....that's too bad. but, I got a lot of people on my blog making comments about their stuff and needing to organize...tried to send them here to show their stuff off...oh well...I had fun.