Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday - Do-over

As was obvious, I was over-run last week as far as blogging was concerned.  I just wasn't able to get back on.  I wish I could say I was well accomplished in other areas, but such was not the case.  It was more recovery and getting back into the swing of things and a couple steps back before finally heading out forward again.

Here we are at a new week with exciting things to come for the month of March - which oh my gosh, is tomorrow!  More about that later.

I missed a few days of the LOAD.  Okay, I missed a couple weeks!  I had big hopes for what looked on the surface to be a sports-free weekend.  It filled quickly and I just couldn't push myself to sit down to play.  But Sunday I twisted my own arm to complete Day 27 - seen below.  One more day, and I'd like to finish the month active.

The weekend wasn't totally sports free.  My 12 y.o. had a preseason tourney down in Pueblo (2 1/2 hours south of us) so he and Daddy packed up and headed down after my 10 y.o.'s last basketball game on Friday night.  The 10 y.o. and his team took 4th in the city tournament against the other 4th grade boys team from their school.  Nothing like losing and then losing against your classmates and having to listen to them on Monday morning.  The team and their trophy can be seen below.

The 12 y.o. son and his team took 3rd place in their bracket.  The third place came down to an off the field tie-breaker.  It was a good start to the coming season.  Tourney #2 is this weekend a little closer to home.

No challenge today, but stay tuned to get the low down on the coming month.

Happy Monday!

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