Monday, February 28, 2011

It's My Party - I'll Celebrate When I Want To

Did you know Apron Strings turned six on February 1st?  No?  Not surprising given that I only mentioned it once.  On Facebook.  LOL.  And I think I even said "five" not six.

But that's the nice thing about your birthday - you can call the shots; case in point my sister's mother-in-law's birthday is Dec. 25th.  At noon, it is no longer Christmas and is all about her birthday.  So I am..  Calling the shot, that is.  March will be all about the celebrating.  I'll celebrate six fantastic years and thank you for making them possible.  I'll celebrate the start of my seventh year in business and thank you for helping me continue doing what I enjoy.  And I'll just plain celebrate 'cause it's fun to do so.

What's on the menu?  Oh, big sale on the website.  Bargin Boxes.  Weekly specials.  Challenges here.  Presents galore.  I have a couple of the cutest Doodlebug totes that I'll fill up with some goodies for some lucky challenge-players, plus other little treats.

Go, dig out some photos, stretch those fingers, rev-up your creativity and let's get ready to party.


anet said...

Happy Birthday Apron Strings! I look forward to celebrating.

Nitasha said...

Happy Birthday, ASD!!!! Let's get the party started!!!!

Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Happy Birthday Apron Strings! You only get better with age!


Charlene said...

That's awesome Lori, grats on 6 years!! Sounds like a fun party you'll be hosting, I'll be sure to check back!!