Friday, May 20, 2011

Creative Spaces

I recently received (okay, totally impulsive pre-order purchased - I don't remember even whipping out my credit card)  Creating Keepsakes special issue "Creative Spaces."  You know, 'cause I'm making such headway in my own space I'm ready for good design inspiration, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!  I did get it for the inspiration, to see how others make the most of their spaces, storage ideas, etc.  It's a nice publication, arranged by space sizes, with plenty of variety in looks and design.  I have definitely seen some spaces that make me wonder how someone works like that - but you know, much like scrapbooking, it's all about where and how you find inspiration.  I also think some of them look way too clean - I mean who works in there?

I've been leisurely flipping through the issue over my morning coffees so it's been a nice way to window shop.  I'm about halfway through and haven't even hit the mega-spaces yet.  I'm folding corners for things I like, but there isn't a lot of I-wish-I-had-that-envy (a surprise). . . but like I said, I haven't hit the ginormous-spaces yet.  Another surprise, it has made me look at my own stash, not just my space, in a a different way. 

I always think I have a lot of stuff.  A lot.  Especially with it spilling out, and dripping all over its inefficient storage.  But I'm semi-relieved to see that I don't.  I'm actually on the smallish-side, well, my stash is, not me personally.  I think it helps that a huge section, like 90%, of my stash is in kits - which I have a lot of.  A LOT.  As I peruse the spaces of other people I see things like stamps (holy moly, so many stamps), inks, paints, paper (lots o'paper), buttons (good crimeny, tons of buttons), tools, etc.  I'll think to myself, "Cool.  Have that.  Good storage solution."  or more often than not "Have that.  Don't use it."  It's kind of interesting that seeing what other people have, whether they use it or not, makes me think it's okay if I get rid of my like-item.  Like I saw a wall of stamps - seriously, a wall - and I thought I don't need that many and can't even imagine using them.  Just sort of reaffirmed my getting rid of a large portion of my own collection.  No regrets.

I've also been mulling ideas for my own space that I've seen similar ideas in the issue and it's nice to "see" them, even in print, instead of my head.  I can see the set up is like what I was thinking and that it not only looks good, it looks like it'll work!  I can picture things in my head fairly well, though as a scrapbooker, we've all had the "dang, that looked so much better in my head than it does here" moments.

I've enjoyed looking at storage jars that fit the space I envision, color combos, space configuration and even ways of incorporating special or family items into the room - it spurred a collage wall idea to incorporate a few pieces from my childhood into my space and gave me an idea what to do with the deep-inset window sills I have down there.  Makes me wish I had my space dealt with and money to burn, LOL.

Go check out the magazine if you've thought about dealing with your space (they even have one space that's just a desk - so you kitchen table-scrapbookers can find inspiration), if you've thought of renovating your own space, tossing around reorganizing your current work-flow system, are getting a new space or just like to drool over what other people do - you'll probably find something that will help you tame your own area.


Amy C said...

I love looking at peoples creative spaces. I am almost done with mine, but I am still looking for ideas on organization in certain areas in my crafting room. I need to pick up this magazine. ♥

Nitasha said...

I was lucky enough to win an issue and I just received it today! As soon as I finish my afternoon blog surfing I'm going to savor looking at each page because I too love looking at creative spaces and dreaming of what mine will look like one day! Enjoy!