Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Tuesday

Matty (the 2 y.o.) loves being outside.  He doesn't care what the weather is like, but he loves, loves it.  Today, he's just exploring - wandering around pulling leaves off bushes, pushing the lawnmower and checking out the east side of the house where all the action usually is.  It's a gorgeous day, so I can understand the attraction - bright blue sky, soft breeze instead of the small-dog-blowing wind we've had.  The mountains have a bright white coating of snow on them that is just dazzling against the sky.  There's soft white Cottonwood cotton floating in the air (I know people with allergies aren't too happy, but it sure looks pretty).  And then there's the scent in the air - it's a sweet vanilla scent from the May Day trees and Lindens that line our street.  I can't wait for my Lilacs to finally bloom.  This is the time of Spring I love.  Love, love, love.

Too bad I won't be enjoying it more than through whatever breeze blows in through the windows.  It's time to head to the pit.  May kits need dealing with and before I can stand being down in the basement, aka studio, it needs cleaning.  Seriously, it's a sty - I think pigs would look at that property and go, "You know, we were looking for something cleaner, but thanks."

Also on the agenda today is turning these:

Into this:

The above are two shipments of photos (2006 and 2007 - I wasn't fully digital yet, so they are just add-ons to my film photos that are already in the boxes).  They need to be turned into nice, neat, chronological categories.  I have a $30 credit that I can't, refuse to, use until I get what I have put away - that and the photos have been sitting on the corner of my desk for three-months too long.  The above cases represent my photos in progress - I won't use the term "backlog," it implies I'm behind and scrapbooking is always a work-in-progress.

What are you working on, scrapbook-wise, these days? 


Patchi said...

Those boxes look so organized! I put my pics (the ones I don't scrap) in albums, but they take up so much space! I love the box idea (it's not like anyone looks at the albums anyway - LOL).

I'm still working through last year's trip to Italy... not much progress since the AS Birthday challenges ended!

jengd said...

LOVE the pig comments- LOL! :) I have some photos in a box like yours but it's full. I have newer ones in ziploc bags, each bag containing photos from a different event. I also have my last Shutterfly shipment in its original envelope and I too need to use my $30 credit to print MORE photos out. My task is simply to find sketches I want to do, challenges I want to take, time to do it in, and scrap all of those bad boys. Bwah hahahahaha!

Charlene said...

You're so funny Lori! I need to catch up on my childhood pictures!! Getting married in 2 weeks and going to Italy so I'll have all of those memories to scrapbook!! I better get with it!