Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Go Rockies!

Good Luck Charms?  I think so.  Photo Ops?  I think so.  The Rockies game was great.  Had nice seats up the first base side; boys were disappointed when the fly ball fell just two rows in front of us.  Managed to avoid the concessions, other than teaching Matthew how to hail the Cotton-Candy Man, which he continued to do no matter which vendor was walking by.  It was a gorgeous night - mid-40's, light wind, high energy game, THE WIN - it was just fun!  And bonus?  The seven runs earned last night by the Rockies, means Rockies Tacos at Taco Bell tonight!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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Deanna said...

The cotton candy photo is adorable! Glad you all had a GREAT time!