Friday, May 6, 2011

Unfocused Friday

Remember these? 
Well, here's how they look today. . .

Ya, I know.  They look, oddly, in the same condition and manner as they did on Tuesday.  And they are.  Still in their boxes.  Still in their developer sleeves.  Still waiting to be happy and living an organized existence.  Much like me - wanting that organized existence.  But hey, I did make enormous in-roads in the basement.  I almost feel peaceful down there - so long as I don't look at my desk area.  That area is scary - like "the blob-living-force" scary.  It's starting to drip over the edges and slide along the vertical surfaces in an effort to pool and spread on the now clean floor.

I'm enjoying an open-window-day, with plenty of lack-of-focus thrown in for good measure.  The breeze is fresh and warm and the yard, while starting to look a little overgrown, is greening up and my lilacs are nearing the "almost-blooming" stage.  Half my family is winging its way straight into Tornado-ville for the weekend (which doesn't mean there isn't soccer - it just mean, it's one kid with two games.)  With them gone, I'm very tempted to spend some daylight hours doing some scrapbooking - catching up on LOAD challenges from the week.  Printing them off and putting them in a stack is hardly the kind of progress I want, or least of all, satisfying.

Really, what is it about actually having time to do some things for yourself and not having the motivation or focus to actually take advantage of that time?????

I'm off to try to do that - focus.

Happy Friday, ya'll!!

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