Thursday, May 19, 2011

Holy Moly - I'm a Winner!

I'm so excited - after a particularly rough start to the day, I got a pick-me-up when I checked the Lawn Fawn blog and found out I had won a stamp set (Admit One) from their reveal week!  So cool.  Outside of Stamps for Life stamps, Lawn Fawn are my new loves.  They're just adorable and the work the design team does, makes them seem usable!  Now let's see if I can use them, meaning sit down and create.  It is, after all, a 2011 goal.

Speaking of which, I am still keeping my goals for this year in mind, and as I've done the last four months, it's time to review them and where I am with them.  This is gonna get ugly - good thing I'm still high on winning a stamp set . . .
  • Eating/Meal Planning - Hmmm. . .I must have been driving on a road with a steep drop off while tired, because I seem to have dozed off and plunged down the embankment; the road seems far above me.  Not sure what happened in April - schedule chaos?  Laziness?  Lack of inspiration?  Not sure.  I cooked at home, though it was more from a box - it was unimaginative and not-so-much healthy.  I am happy that with the times I was out at practices or games I didn't swing through the local  drive-thru for a meal.  Tempted?  Heck yes! I love a greasy burger every now and then.  But I stayed strong.  I came home to eat poorly instead. 
  • Walking - what's that?  I think that about sums it up.
  • Organizing - I did the junk drawer.  Does that count?  I've already spoken of the Pigs that couldn't be bribed to move in downstairs.  And though I keep waiting, there's no magic elves coming to clean it up while I sleep.  Dang it.  I have another charity pick-up scheduled for Monday morning, but that's more about what I pull together for this month, not April.
  • Me Time - Me, who?  Actually, I did finish a book - the first in years.  I'm laughing my way through a second.  But otherwise, I seem to be in a desert - a large, dry, seemingly endless desert.  Where is Bear Grills when I need him?
  • Studio Space - LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL (tear wiping) Sigh.  Ah, ya, we've already discussed this folly.  I looked back at my March review, "April focus. . . " Clearly not.
So let's see in summary, we ate, though not well and that's about it.  I think I'll just cling to my "win" feeling and look forward.  Just a note - this is not discouraging.  Disappointing?  Yes.  Will continue to plug along with determination?  Yep.

Happy (rainy) Thursday,


jengd said...

Congrats! That looks like a FAB set!

Amy C said...

So cool!! Congrats Lori!! Last year, I won the complete set of all of the new releases. I ♥ Lawn Fawn. Another stamp company that I ♥ is My Cute Stamps.